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Residential Strata Plan

Designed to provide you with greater choice when insuring a residential strata property.

Insurance cover you can tailor to suit your residential strata complex

Protect your residential strata property with specialised insurance from WFI. Our strata insurance can be tailored to suit a wide range of residential strata property types, including mixed use strata complexes that combine residential and commercial tenants.
  • Personal service

    Our people are experienced insurance professionals who take the time to listen to what’s important to you and talk to you about your insurance options. That way you can choose the cover that suits your needs.

  • Easy claims settlement

    If you ever have to make a claim, you can rest assured it will be handled by a dedicated claims officer who is on hand to provide a simple and timely claims process. Our philosophy is to provide an excellent personalised claims service to every client, in every claim.

  • Flood insurance

    Residential Strata Plan also includes cover for flood insurance unless you choose to opt out of it.

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Tailor a residential strata insurance package to suit you

WFI Residential Strata Plan consists of seven different policies covering a range of risks. This approach gives you great flexibility as you can arrange your insurance to meet your particular requirements. It also means that if your circumstances change and you need more extensive insurance, it is easy for you to add another of the policies to your plan.

  • Building and Common Contents

    Building and Common Contents

    As well as insurance for accidental damage, burglary and theft for both building and common contents, our policy includes a number of additional benefits which are in addition to the sum insured for the building.

    • Up to $20,000 for costs of demolition, removal of debris & temporary repairs.
    • Up to $1,000 for repair or replacement of an electric motor forming part of the Building or Common Contents which has been burnt out by an electric current (subject to kw rating & age limits)
    • Up to $5,000 for costs incurred in investigating the cause of damage due to the escape of liquid from a fixed system
    • Up to $10,000 for pre-approved architect, surveyor and other professional fees incurred as a result of damage to the building
    • Up to $5,000 towards adding environmental features when replacing, reinstating or repairing a total loss of the building
    • Up to $5,000 for various types of accidental damage to landscaping that occurs on the common property
    • Up to $500 toward the cost of a unit owner boarding a domestic pet whilst their damaged unit remains uninhabitable
    • Up to $5,000 for burglary or theft of common contents normally kept in an open air area at the Strata land secured by a gate, wall or fence.
    • Up to $5,000 toward costs incurred for either the replacement of keys and locks or the recoding of an alarm system following payment of a burglary or theft claim
    • Up to $5,000 for temporary shuttering or emergency measures  necessary to secure the building or common contents
    • Up to $2,000 towards the costs of removal and storage of common contents or Unit owners contents while the building is uninhabitable

    In addition to the above, WFI Building and Common Contents policy also insures you for a combined total of up to $50,000 in any one period of insurance for a unit owner's loss of rental income from a tenant and/or the use of temporary or emergency premises when a unit becomes uninhabitable or inaccessible as a direct result of damage to the building.

    The sum insured for the building also includes compensation for reduced floor space and the extra costs incurred to comply with the requirements of a government or statutory authority when rebuilding.

    For full details, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement

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  • Machinery Breakdown

    Machinery Breakdown

    WFI Residential Strata Plan provides cover for the breakdown of machines and explosion or collapse of boilers, economisers or pressure vessels that you choose to insure. We will pay the lesser of the reasonable cost of repairs to the equipment or what it will cost to buy a new item of a similar make and model. In some circumstances we also pay for the cost to hire a temporary replacement electric motor and air and freight charges incurred due to the damage.

    For full details, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement

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  • Electronic Equipment

    Electronic Equipment

    We offer two different types of cover:

    Accidental damage to or theft of electronic equipment
    Loss or damage to electronic data processing media and information


    Under this policy we will pay the lesser of the reasonable costs of repairs, the replacement value or the sum insured if accidental damage or theft occurs to electronic equipment that you choose to insure. We will pay the reasonable cost of replacing data processing media and restoring information. In some circumstances we will also pay any extra charges incurred for overtime and work on public holidays to replace the lost or damaged media.

    For full details, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement

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  • Voluntary Workers Accident Only

    Voluntary Workers Accident Only

    The Voluntary Workers Accident only policy insures voluntary workers against bodily injury, inability to work or death as a result of an accident which occurs while they are undertaking voluntary work for the strata company.

    For full details, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement

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  • Fidelity Guarantee

    Fidelity Guarantee

    WFI Residential Strata Plan includes a Fidelity Guarantee policy. This insures you against loss of contents or money directly caused by a fraud committed by a strata council member or an employee.

    For full details, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement

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  • Strata Council Members Legal Liability

    Strata Council Members Legal Liability

    This policy insures your strata council members and/or the Strata Company for civil liabilities which they may incur in their capacity as a strata council member and/or the Strata Company.

    For full details, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement

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Product Details

Important Information

The information provided above is intended as a summary only and is subject to the terms & conditions of the policy. For full details of the cover, conditions and exclusions relating to WFI’s residential strata insurance please refer to the WFI Residential Strata Plan Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

If you are an existing policyholder, a previous version of the PDS may apply to your policy. Please contact WFI on 1300 934 934 for assistance.

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