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No Claim Bonus

This information is relevant for Commercial Plan, Office Plan, Trades Insurance Kit, Fruit and Vegetable, Sugarpol, Private Plan and Rural Plan products.

A ‘No Claim Bonus’ is a discount that can be earned on eligible Comprehensive policies in recognition of a claims-free record. Your current certificate of insurance will show any No Claim Bonus and any benefits that apply to your motor vehicle policy.

The No Claim Bonus is calculated on each vehicle insured under your motor vehicle policy, unless your claims history does not entitle you to a No Claim Bonus.

We calculate your No Claim Bonus rating based on:

  1. Your claims history, and
  2. Number of years you have been licenced for.

Each year at renewal, your vehicle’s No Claim Bonus is re-calculated. If you make a claim in respect of a vehicle and we decide that you are ‘at-fault’, your No Claim Bonus in respect of that vehicle will be reduced when you renew your motor vehicle policy.

Your No Claim Bonus rating for a vehicle will increase after each claim free year you have for that vehicle until you reach our maximum Rating 1.

You do not have to pay an excess on a claim and you do not lose your No Claim Bonus if your vehicle is accidentally damaged, and we are satisfied the driver of your vehicle was not at-fault, and you provide us with the registration number of the other vehicle and the name and contact details of its owner or driver.

The No Claim Bonus discount will not apply to the premium relating to Optional benefits, Caravan annexe and contents cover (if this cover is applicable to your policy), and may not apply to some Additional benefits under this Motor Vehicle policy.