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Doing our bit to help Aussie farmers

If you’re a farmer battling the drought, you know the strain it can put on your finances. And because we know farm and business insurance, we understand how important it is to keep the protection you and your family rely on.

So we’re doing our bit for you and other Aussie farmers. If you’re a primary producer with a Rural Plan policy, we can help ease the pressure by deferring your premium payments for up to a year with a Drought Assistance Package.

How it works

Deferring the payment means, if you’re eligible, we’ll cover your next renewal premium for up to 12 months. This lets you keep your insurance (until it expires) and you don’t have to pay your premium up front.

Some or all of your premium can be deferred, depending on what you need. There’s no interest or fees and you can still make a claim like you normally would.

We’ve partnered with Elantis Premium Funding to create your repayment plan. When you apply, Elantis will work with you to create a plan based on your specific financial situation.

Who’s eligible

You’re eligible for the Drought Assistance Package if:

  • > you have a current Rural Plan policy with a renewal date between 28 November 2019 and 27 November 2020
  • > you’re a primary producer living in a drought affected area (declared by your State Government)
  • > you’re currently receiving the Federal Government’s Farm Household Allowance and getting drought-related financial help from your bank or financial institution.


If all of these describe you, then you’re eligible to apply for the package.

How to apply

If you’re eligible, call us on 1300 667 227 (8:30am–5:30pm AEDT, Mon–Fri) or chat to your broker or insurance representative.

Make sure you apply before your policy’s expiry date. Keep your renewal notice handy when you call.