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Acknowledging young small business operators

WFI is on the lookout for young small business operators who are making a difference in your community. As a proud category sponsor of both the Western Australian and Victorian 2016/2017 Young Achiever Awards, we are seeking nominations for the WFI Insurance Small Business Achiever Award.

We would be delighted to receive nominations from or on behalf of young small business operators that are making your local community a better place to live. - Brian Nicholson, Regional Manager, Perth

The WFI Insurance Small Business Achiever Award promotes those who ‘give it a go’ through determination, innovation, hard work and self-motivation, rewarding those who make their own luck and opportunities a reality.

Young small business owners and operators are rolling up their sleeves, developing and realising their corporate vision and mission. - Loui Nardella, Regional Manager, Melbourne

The Young Achiever Awards aims to acknowledge, encourage and most importantly promote the positive achievements of all young people up to and including 29 years of age.

Nominate today to help us showcase the achievements and pay tribute to the vision, innovation and commitment of young Western Australians and Victorians.

Nominate here for WA Nominate here for VIC

Category winners will each receive $2,000 in prizes and a magnificent trophy. One of the category winners will be chosen as the Young Achiever of the Year in each state and will win an additional $2,000 in prizes and a state trophy.

Everyone that submits a nomination will go into the draw for a $200 voucher from The Coffee Club.

For assistance please feel free to visit