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Office Plan

Designed for office-based businesses including medical practitioners, lawyers, accountants, veterinarian and other professionals.

Tailor insurance to suit your office-based business

Office Plan has been designed specifically for businesses that operate from offices and consulting rooms. With nine individual policies to choose from, you can arrange your insurance to meet your particular business needs.
  • Personalised service

    Our people are experienced insurance professionals who take the time to listen to what’s important to you and talk to you about your insurance options. That way you can choose the cover that suits your needs.

  • Flexibility to choose your insurance

    Choose from a range of different policies, covering a variety of risks. This approach gives you great flexibility as you can arrange your insurance to meet the needs of your business.

  • Easy payment options

    Paying annual insurance premiums up front is not always convenient. For your convenience, WFI has a range of payment options which can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Contact your Local Area Manager or our WFI Services Team to discuss options such as Elantis Premium Funding who offer a Premium Instalment Plan to WFI policyholders or Monthly Instalment Billing options.

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Tailor an office insurance package to suit you

We understand that every business is different, so having options when choosing insurance for your business is important. Office Plan includes the following business insurance policies:

  • Business Property

    Business Property

    This policy can insure your business property, including buildings, against accidental damage and burglary or theft of property.

    In addition, Office Plan provides flexibility by making the following covers available all in the one convenient policy:


    For protection against the loss of money belonging to your business whether it is in a safe, in transit, at home, or simply on your business premises.

    Employee Theft

    Covers you in the unfortunate event of an employee stealing money or goods from your business.

    Burglary or theft

    Provides protection against burglary or theft of your business property from the business premises up to the full sum insured.

    Glass Breakage and or damage


    At no extra cost, Office Plan also includes as part of the sum insured for this policy, the extra costs associated with rebuilding, machinery breakdown cover for motors less than 1.8kw or 2.5hp, compensation if floor space must be reduced following an insured loss and insured property that is temporarily removed from the business premises. In addition up to $25,000 further protection (this can be increased if required) is automatically included for:

    • Employees' tools, equipment and personal effects
    • Customers' property left in your care
    • Replacement keys and locks
    • Investigating the cause of damage or likely damage from the escape of a liquid
    • Demolition and clearing of debris
    • Architects, surveyors and legal fees
    • Fire extinguishment costs
    • Restoration of business records
    • Temporary shuttering or boarding up
    • Window tinting, alarm tapes and wiring

    You can extend your cover further to insure book debts. This will cover you if the records required by you to make collection or to substantiate accounts receivable are damaged beyond use by an event for which a claim has been paid. There is also a choice between full replacement and indemnity value conditions. And what’s more, there are no hard to understand co-insurance clauses to limit a claim.

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    For full details, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement

  • Business Interruption

    Business Interruption

    This policy insures you against loss of gross profit due to a reduction in turnover as a consequence of interruption to your business. The Business Interruption policy can also insure against damage to property stored at a commercial storage site, prevention of access to your business premises and damage to your suppliers' or customers' premises in Australia.

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    For full details, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement

  • General Property

    General Property

    For those items of equipment that are not always located at your business premises, WFI Office Plan offers a General Property policy. This policy provides insurance for accidental loss of, accidental damage to and theft of nominated items, such as general property or stock, occurring worldwide.

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    For full details, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement

  • Machinery Breakdown

    Machinery Breakdown

    This policy within WFI Office Plan insures you for the breakdown of machines and the explosion or collapse of boilers, economisers or pressure vessels that you choose to insure. This can include electronic scales, cash registers and microwave ovens. You can also choose to insure for deterioration of stock and customers' goods in a cold storage compartment.

    Note: all motors under 2.5hp are covered automatically under the Business Property policy.

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    For full details, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement

  • Electronic Equipment

    Electronic Equipment

    You can choose three different types of insurance under this policy:

    Accidental damage to or theft of electronic equipment

    In the event of accidental damage to, or theft of, electronic equipment you choose to insure, we will pay the lesser of the reasonable cost of repairs, what it would cost to buy a new item of a similar make or model or the sum insured.

    Increased costs of working

    This section of the policy insures you against increased costs of working as a direct consequence of an interruption to the normal operation of a computer you choose to insure where this is directly caused by accidental damage or theft.

    Loss or damage to electronic data processing media and information

    We can also insure you against physical loss of or physical damage to electronic data processing media and information installed on a computer that you choose to insure.

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    For full details, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement

  • Motor Vehicle

    Motor Vehicle

    We offer three different types of motor vehicle insurance to assist with both your private and business insurance needs. These include comprehensive insurance, fire theft and legal liability, and legal liability.

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    For full details, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement

  • Pleasure Boat

    Pleasure Boat

    Boats are sometimes used for business purposes and as such can be covered as part of Office Plan. This policy insures you against accidental loss or damage, fire, theft and even your legal liability in relation to your use of the boat.

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    For full details, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement

  • Personal Accident and Illness

    Personal Accident and Illness

    This policy offers a variety of different insurance options for accident and illness so that you can select the one that best suits your particular needs.

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    For full details, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement

Product Details

Important Information

The information provided above is intended as a summary only and is subject to the terms & conditions of the policy. For full details of the cover, conditions and exclusions relating to WFI’s office insurance please refer to the WFI Office Plan Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

If you are an existing policyholder, a previous version of the PDS may apply to your policy. Please contact WFI on 1300 934 934 for assistance.

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