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Our Commitment

Committed to raising the standards

WFI has adopted the General Insurance Code of Practice developed by the Insurance Council of Australia. We embrace the objectives of the Code to raise standards of practice and service in the general insurance industry.


General Insurance Code of Practice 

WFI operates within the General Insurance Code of Practice, a set of standards developed by the Insurance Council of Australia.

This Code of Practice sets minimum service standards which complement the world-class regulatory system now governing Australia's financial services sector.

The Code Governance Committee is an independent body that monitors and enforces insurers’ compliance with the Code.

For more information about the General Insurance Code of Practice and the Code Governance Committee, visit


How we develop our insurance

We develop and distribute retail insurance that meets our customers' likely needs, objectives and financial situations.

Our Target Market Determinations (TMDs) help you understand the types of people (called the 'class of customers') our insurance policies are designed for.

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Financial Services Guide 

The purpose of our Financial Services Guide is to help you make an informed decision about whether to use the financial services we can provide to you.

Download a copy of the Financial Services Guide.



We are committed to handling all personal information WFI collects in accordance with privacy legislation.

For more information, view our Privacy Policy and Online Privacy Statement.